What We Do

Embracing tomorrow's technology

ATG Danmon offers a comprehensive range of products and services including transcoding and automated workflow management, media workflow-design, project-planning, equipment installation, software-configuration, commissioning, documentation, on-site training plus ongoing support and maintenance.

Embracing tomorrow's technology, ATG Danmon delivers maximum value through close co-operation with customers, leading to mutually beneficial long-term relationships. All system components are sourced based on fitness for purpose rather than any commercial affinity.

Situated 30 miles north of London, ATG Danmon has the in-house skills and resources to cover several complex projects simultaneously, including the warehouse space for system pre-builds.

Senior management staff supervise all projects, ensuring accurate and consistent procedures. We have a proven track record in the management, design, installation, and commissioning of broadcast projects in many countries.

Professional counseling and problem solving

When you seek advice from us, we guarantee that we deliver professional advice focused on your needs. We listen to your needs and together with you tailor the solution with broadcasting equipment that suits you and your production best.
Let us use our many years of experience and expertise to advise you so that your production works optimally - contact us at sales@atgdanmon.co.uk or on + 44 (0) 1462 485 444 to hear more

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